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Looking to contribute a thoughtful, realistic piece on a sustainability topic you're passionate about? Get in touch!

Become a contributing writer and help us scale conscious consumerism around the world.

Brightly welcomes article submissions and pitches about sustainability, eco-friendly living, conscious consumerism, and related topics. If you’re not sure where to begin, but still want to write for us, let us know! We’re always looking for fresh voices. 
Why write for Brightly?
At Brightly, our mission is to empower and educate conscious consumers who are looking to change the world. We want individuals across the globe to know they have the power to make small changes that result in big differences. Read more about our mission
You can help us achieve our goal through investigative features, listicles, hard news, and more. Writing for Brightly also helps you connect with others who share your interest in the planet and the life living on it—and it builds your personal portfolio, too! As a Contributing Writer, you’ll be invited to Writer’s Meetings and Content Workshops. 

How to write for us:

1. Submissions
If you’ve written an article that needs a platform, send it to us! Need ideas? Send us a news feature, a how-to, a personal experience, or an investigative piece. As long as your article relates to our mission, we’d love to read it. 
Submissions must be previously unpublished, original work. At Brightly, we value credibility and originality. Be sure your work is not plagiarized and provides sources for any research you may have conducted. Your work will be subject to editing for grammar, clarity, and fact-checking. Submissions can be up to 1,000 words.
To submit, email us at
with the subject “SUBMISSION.” Attach a Google Doc of your piece to the email, giving us full editing access. In the body of the email, introduce yourself and let us know why you think your work fits Brightly’s mission. 
2. Pitches
Have an idea? Pitch it to us! We’re looking for articles about sustainability, conscious consumerism, the environment, and other relevant topics. 
To pitch an idea, email us at
with the subject “ARTICLE PITCH.” In the body of the email, please state your name and tell us about yourself. Include 3-4 sentences for your pitch, containing the article’s angle and why it fits Brightly’s mission.  
Contributing Writer Interest
Not sure where to begin? Not a problem. We’re always looking for new contributors, so if you don’t have a submission or a pitch just yet, email us anyway! We can give you writing assignments with deadlines—just let us know how often you can contribute. You can contribute weekly, monthly, bimonthly, etc. 
Email us at
with the subject “CONTRIBUTING WRITER INTEREST” to get started. In the body of the email, please include your name, a portfolio or writing sample, and a few sentences about why you’d like to write for us. 
Please Note: 
Once your work is published on our website, it cannot be published elsewhere. However, feel free to add the link to your portfolio and spread the word! We’re always looking to reach a new audience. 
We reserve the right to reject any submissions or pitches if we do not believe it is fit for our website or if we find out the work has been plagiarized or contains misinformation. 
At this time, Brightly is unable to offer compensation for submissions. 
Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we may not get to your piece right away. Please be patient with us. If you do not hear back from us within 4 weeks of your initial email, feel free to follow up! 
The Brightly Team looks forward to hearing from you!