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garbage disposal vs composting vs trash
Garbage Disposal vs Composting vs Trash: What's the Best Way to Throw Away Food?
How do you dispose of food waste in your kitchen? We looked into the garbage disposal vs composting vs trash debate. Here's what you need to know.
urban garden
5 Tips for Starting Your Own Urban Garden
Homegrown food isn't just for those who make their homes in rural areas. Here are some tips for starting your own urban garden.
kitchen counter compost bins
7 Best Countertop Compost Bins for Every Space
If you're looking to reduce food waste, these countertop compost bins are here to help. There's standard, electric, and more.
worm farms
The Rise of Worm Farms Is Reducing the Ick Factor That Comes With Composting
Worm farms are becoming more and more popular. Here's why vermicomposting is one of the *least* icky ways to upcycle food waste.
human composting terramation
Human Composting 101: How Terramation Is Bettering the Planet
Dig into human composting, aka terramation, and the environmental impact of the deathcare industry.
environmentally friendly ways to lay your pet to rest
The Most Meaningful and Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Lay Your Pet to Rest
Saying goodbye to your beloved four-legged friend is hard. Read on for a selection of meaningful and environmentally-friendly ways to lay your pet to rest.
are pizza boxes recyclable
Are Pizza Boxes Recyclable?
Climate activist Greta Thunberg resurfaced a common question during a viral Twitter exchange. Here's what you need to know about recycling your pizza boxes.
how to use compost
Wondering How to Use Compost? 4 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Mix
From DIY potting soil to community garden gifting, deciding how to use compost is as simple as the process itself.
produce stickers biodegradable compostable
Do Produce Stickers Break Down in Compost? The Answer May Surprise You
Have you ever wondered if the produce stickers that sneak their way into your compost bin are biodegradable? Here's what you need to know.
why to avoid raking leaves
Your Excuse to Be Lazy: Not Raking Your Leaves Is Good for Your Yard (and the Planet)
If you're planning on raking leaves this fall, reconsider. Experts say leaving them alone is much better for the planet—here's why.
Flowers Left by Queen Elizabeth II's Mourners Will Be Composted
With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II came endless flowers spread around the capital. The Royal Parks says those flowers will be composted.
7 Things You Can Compost Besides Food Scraps
You know you can compost food scraps. But what else can you compost? Here are seven things that might surprise you—hair, included.
The First-Ever Lomi Sale Is Happening Now!
Lomi by Pela, the countertop composter Khloé Kardashian raves about, is currently on sale for $100 off. Here's why we recommend it.
Composting Deep-Dive: How It Works, What You Can Compost, and More
Learn the ins and outs of composting. We have the scoop on what it is, how it works, what you can and can't compost, and more.
8 DIY Compost Bin Ideas That Won't Cost You a Cent
Instead of throwing food waste in the trash, compost it! With these DIY compost bin ideas, you'll divert food waste from the landfill.
Lomi Electric Composter: What You Should Know Before Buying
Is Pela's Lomi home electric composter worth the hype? This honest review dives into the effectiveness and cost, as well as pros and cons.
How to Start Composting at Home: Everything You Need to Know
Want to learn how to start composting at home? This guide will teach you everything you need to know to become a composting pro.
What Does It Mean for a Product to Be Biodegradable?
What does biodegradable actually mean? We break down the facts, including how biodegradable products break down and how to dispose of them.
What Does It Mean for a Product to Be Compostable?
Not all compostable products are created equal. Here's what compostable means and the difference between commercially and home compostable.
Vermicomposting 101: The Benefits of Worm Bins and How to Get Started
Worm composting, also known as vermicomposting, involves worms breaking down food waste to create compost. Here's how to get started.
4 Common Home Composting Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)
Whether you're just starting out or have been composting for a while, here are the most common home composting mistakes—and how to fix them.
ShareWaste's Compost-Finding App Helps You Cut Down on Waste
Have scraps you can't compost? Try ShareWaste. The app matches you with a compost host, helping you cut down on food waste.
3 Apartment Composting Solutions That Work in Small Spaces
Composting in small spaces is totally possible. Here are some of the best apartment composting solutions to try, from worm bins to Bokashi.
How Sustainable or Eco-Friendly Is Your Christmas Tree?
Whether you go for a real or a fake tree, there are some surprising environmental impacts of ole' Tannenbaum.
Tips and Tricks for Recycling Cardboard Boxes
The recycling process can actually be confusing. Here's everything you need to know about recycling cardboard.
How to Compost Without a Garden or Yard
Composting in a small living space or city environment can seem complicated. Here's how to make it simple.
The Compostable Wardrobe: Fibers Matter in Fashion
When I committed to buying second-hand, I also started to consider buying only natural fibers. Read on for why and how to compost natural fibers when their time has come!
3 Eco-Friendly + Regenerative Backyard Projects
One place that I like to practice my sustainability is in my garden connecting with nature.
Organic Gardening for Beginners: Tips from a Top Gardener
Joe the Gardener from the hit PBS show Growing a Greener World shows would-be gardeners and green thumbs alike how to spring to action during COVID-19. Gardeners around the world are growing their own veggies, seeking fresh air, and enjoying a moment to connect with the planet via their garden.