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How Breathwork Can Help Ease Your Climate Anxiety

Combatting climate anxiety? Breathwork is the easy and active answer.

breathwork benefits
Written by
Lindsey Anderson
We’re all dealing with climate anxiety. Our Climate Calm series focuses on ways to alleviate stress and anxiety so you can bring your best self to bettering our planet.
Relaxation shouldn’t be reserved for the weekends. Imagine, instead, if every day could host an active stress-relieving ritual meant only to increase your mindfulness and calm the
born of current events, environmental happenings, and everyday human life. Enter: breathwork.
Breathwork is a meditative practice that quiets the mind and draws your energy inward, relieving anxiety and stress. At once relaxing and energizing—three cheers for increased circulation—conscious, rhythmic breathing is the perfect answer for those who find it difficult to sit still in meditation while offering the same (and some additional) benefits.
Proven to improve mood, deepen connection, and heighten awareness, breathwork is the daily rejuvenation you’ve been longing for. It's time to tap in, take a moment for yourself, and get back to your breath.
Here's what you need to know about breathwork

What Is Breathwork?

breathwork benefits and techniques
Breathwork utilizes rhythmic, deep breathing—aka belly breathing—to activate the diaphragm and trigger relaxation responses within the body. When done with intention and purpose, breathwork is one of the simplest and most approachable forms of meditation.
The focus required during breathwork draws awareness to your body’s internal functioning, allowing outside stress and
to take a backseat in your consciousness. Your mind becomes something of a clean slate allowing your energy to be better directed toward healing, releasing, and chilling out. When embraced regularly breathwork can lead to a
decrease in depressive symptoms
, lowered
cortisol levels
, and
reduced blood pressure
Effective when practiced alone, with a teacher, or in a class, breathwork has few rules and no strict structure. The practice can be done by anyone, anywhere—even on your commute!

The Benefits of Breathwork

As with all meditative practices, breathwork quiets the mind and the heart rate, contributing to an almost immediate sense of relief. For the short term, breathwork allows you to remain calm and collected, leaving space and energy for personal inquiry.
Heightened emotional intelligence and increased self-confidence are just a few of the many long-term benefits associated with meditative practice—and are a direct result of the heightened awareness that coincides with meditation. Mindfulness goes hand-in-hand with breathwork, appealing to many individuals who feel an intense need for a fresh perspective.
When partnered with physical activity, such as
, breathwork serves as an ideal exercise for a wandering mind. When the breath is accompanied by a physical posture, the body’s internal and external systems can synchronize, maximizing results.

The Best Breathwork Apps to Get You Started

breathwork benefits and techniques
Breathwork apps create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere to kickstart your spiritual practice and introduce your daily dose of relaxation. Here are the top three best apps for guided breathwork.


With over 500 breathwork sessions and 150+ five-star reviews,
is the crème-de-la-crème of guided, meditative breathing. With a selection of sessions catered to your every mood or intention, Othership users are guaranteed to find a routine that satisfies their purpose. Driven by music and professional guides, its breathwork sessions will keep you engaged, motivated, and on track for mindful, daily healing—with immediate results.  

Wim Hof Method

Those who are serious about their breathing would do well to look to the
Wim Hof Method
. The breathing technique is a specific one, centering on 30-40 deep breaths, a "hold" breath, and a "recovery" breath. The app comes with instructional videos, an interactive calendar, and more.


The perfect beginner's guide to breathing. The
app offers free sessions for those looking for simple, easy-to-learn practices. Customizable sessions allow for creativity in breathing, while guided classes provide a more structured take on the practice. With the option for immersive sounds, visuals, and haptics, Breathwrk creates an alluring atmosphere for an all-encompassing meditation, all at no cost.